On August 11, 1993, PCM3 was born.  Within two months of its beginning, PCM3 received its first construction management contract from a very small District in Ventura County.  The size of this first project was approximately $2 Million in total construction value.  Later that same year, a second contract was awarded to PCM3 by a second School District with a construction budget of approximately $5 Million.  PCM3 was now very much alive and moving forward with an estimated backlog of $7 Million in construction value by year-end 1993. Over a decade and half later, PCM3 has completed over 500 school construction projects with a combined value of approx. $2.5 Billion in cost.  PCM3 is considered to be one of the top construction management companies that only specializes in K-14 Educational Facilities in California.




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